Truckers vow to remain at Canada/U.S. border blockade

RCMP negotiators have met with a group of around 50 truckers who are blocking the border in Coutts, Alberta. 
The truckers are here in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa to end all mandates. 
The RCMP has blocked all roads into the border town, denying supporters access to food and water. 
After three days of blockading, the protesters have opened a lane to let gridlocked truckers, who are not part of the protest, leave. This decision was made in hopes the police would allow food and water past the checkpoints. 
The ongoing negotiations have ended on a “part one” basis and will eventually continue, with both sides for a hopeful resolution. 
Sydney Fizzard and I have been on scene since 3 a.m. last night, bringing Rebel News viewers the other side of the story. Please support us at

Tensions are ratcheting up with police and tow trucks descending on the scene. Blockaders have now opened up one lane of traffic to allow locals, school buses and emergency vehicles access to the border.

What started as a cross-border protest of hundreds of truckers and locals at the Coutts, Alberta-Sweet Grass, Montana border crossing Saturday morning had turned into a full-on blockade of the southbound lane of Alberta Highway 4 by Sunday.

The so-far peaceful demonstration was organized to show support for the Freedom Convoy that headed to Ottawa, which has now ground the nation’s capital to a halt. That convoy began in opposition to federally-imposed vaccine requirements for cross-border truckers and has grown into a national movement against lockdowns and restrictions for all Canadians.

Kian and Syd will remain on the scene, providing us with live updates, as negotiations between truckers and police continue.

With the police moving to surround the protest, Rebel reporters risk being arrested along with the truckers, but Rebel News has a legal team standing by to help if our team is detained for doing journalism.


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