“76” Gas Station Chain Reprograms Washington State Pumps For $10 A Gallon

Gas station pumps in Washington state are being reprogrammed to accommodate $10 a gallon and even higher as the summer driving season begins amid tight fuel supplies, according to a report.

The Post Millennial has learned gas station chain “76” has reprogrammed its pumps to include double-digit numbers in “price per gallon” at Washington state gas stations.

A 76 spokesperson confirmed to The Post Millennial they added an extra digit to pumps, noting the change doesn’t necessarily imply the company was anticipating prices above $10 a gallon.

The 76 gas station in Auburn, Washington, located at 1725 Auburn Way North, is one of the stations that has had reprogrammed pumps. It also sells high-octane race fuel, which tends to be more expensive, though the special fuel is sold at separate pumps than regular, plus, premium, and diesel.

A photo was taken on May 16 that shows double-digit pricing at regular pumps.

According to AAA, the average price of gas at a pump in Washington State is $5.18 — above the national average of $4.59 as of Thursday morning. Some of the most expensive gas in the US can be found just south of the state in California, where prices outside of San Francisco range between $6-7 a gallon for regular.

76’s move for double-digit prices comes as JPMorgan’s commodity strategist Natasha Kaneva warns the national average for gas can rise another 37% by August to around $6.20. Since much of the West Coast is priced above the national average, this may suggest double-digit prices could be seen in some areas.


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