The United States is No Longer an Accurate Reflection of Who and What We Are

The Republican planets are beginning their alignment to leverage their political gravity to strangle our democracy

Lawrence: Minority Rule Is Killing The ‘United’ in The United States

[ Editor’s note: Mr. O’Donnell cuts right to the chase. We need a name change, as the one we have no long fits, because the ‘minority rule’ gang has abandoned future attempts, due to its policies, to win the right to rule over the country by winning the most votes.

I knew the game was up when the Repubs broadcast their mantra, “we will win the presidency in 2024 one way or the other”. It was no subtle message, but a declaration of war. It was basically a pledge to attach limpet mines on the hull of our ship of state.

The Republican plans may strangle our democracy, because they have told us they are going to rig the President electoral count by having states legislate their ability to make the final determination on the electoral count.

The Insurrectionists, in hindsight, see this as their mistake in 2020, by not having already set up the state rigging process earlier, but they have the time now.

This includes the Congressmen that could be charged for aiding and abetting the Jan 6 sedition. This could be a ‘get out of jail card’ for them and all the Jan6’ers who might be indicted.

I cannot imagine a more dedicated campaign mob. The top Republicans constructing this new political coup strategy seem confident that they have the best Supreme Court in history to make sure they don’t have any deal killer legal issues.

The military and Intel branches stood firm on the last coup attempt, but will they on the next one? Are we on the road to becoming the biggest banana republic in history? I certainly hope not, but we will have to fight like hell, to borrow a Trump phrase, or I doubt we will have a country anymore… Jim W. Dean


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