Red States Have Higher Number of Deaths from Vaccines than Blue States

Variation in Toxicity of Vaccine Batches Across Different States of the USA

Data Sources

  • VAERS provided the number of deaths following vaccination with Pfizer for each state in the USA.


  • There is considerable variation in the number dying per 100,000 vaccinated. Some states have 16 x the death rate compared to others.
  • Red states tend to cluster towards the top of the chart, whilst blue states cluster towards the bottom.
  • Red states occupy 6 of the 7 highest ranking positions for deaths per 100,000 vaccinated

Safety Signal

Some states, in particular Kentucky, Montana, Alaska, Tennessee, North Dakota and South Dakota are experiencing 4 x, 5 x, 6 x or even 11 x the number of deaths per 100,000 vaccinated compared to other states. Such a situation should be raising a safety signal, and requires investigation. The higher death rate in these states following vaccination suggests that they may be receiving more toxic batches, or being administered to more vulnerable people.



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